How to Use DMCCU • Iowa

How can you use DMCCU services?

Maximize your time

As a valued provider who could use some help in following up with patients, you can refer your patients diagnosed with asthma, bipolar disorder, CAD, CHF, COPD, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, major depressive disorder (MDD), schizophrenia and substance use disorder who could benefit from education or care management to DMCCU.

Get help with treatment plans

In order to assist in managing patients, DMCCU requests your input for patient treatment plans. Disease management information and the most up-to-date clinical practice guidelines are provided to assist you in creating an individualized plan of care.

Receive feedback on your patients

Providers receive feedback on members enrolled in disease management programs through member status letters, care plans and telephonic communications. Feedback includes assessment of how well the condition is being managed, adherence to treatment plans, patient goals and psychosocial and safety issues while enrolled in a disease management program. Feedback is provided weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or as needed, based on the severity of the member’s condition.