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GeorgiaProvider Self-Service

Using DMCCU • Georgia

How can you use the services of DMCCU?

  • As a valued provider, we encourage you to refer your patients with the following conditions to the DMCCU: asthma, bipolar disorder, coronary artery disease (CAD), congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, major depressive disorder (MDD), substance use disorder (SUD) or schizophrenia who could benefit from additional education or care management.
  • The Disease Management Case Manager will solicit input and collaboration from the practitioner along with a request for the provider to review the care plan.

Provider rights and responsibilities

Practitioner rights and responsibilities are communicated in writing in the provider manual and provide detailed information on the practitioner’s right to:

  • Obtain information about the organization’s services, staff qualifications and any contractual relations.
  • Decline to participate in or work with the organization’s programs and services on behalf of their patients.
  • Be informed how the organization coordinates interventions with treatment plans for individual members.
  • Know how to contact the Disease Management Case Manager responsible for managing and communicating with their patients.
  • Be supported by the organization when interacting with members to make decisions about their healthcare.
  • Receive courteous and respectful treatment from the organization’s staff.
  • Communicate complaints to the organization.

These rights and responsibilities are available to you in written format upon request to our DMCCU. The CPGs for chronic conditions are available in the resource area of the secure provider home page. Login is required.